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Facts about France

France is a country rich in art and culture. The art and culture on display is the top pick for tourists who visit this country. The world-famous Eiffel tower attracts millions of visitors year-in-year-out. The country’s wide range of wine and cuisines can be best enjoyed on the various Mediterranean beaches available.
France is the most popular tourist destination in the world as the country receives over 85.7 million foreign tourists yearly.

Tourists should try to avoid traveling during french school holidays as hotel rooms are usually overbooked and traffic is unbearable.

Basic Travel Requirements for Equatorial Guineans visiting France

  • Duly completed and signed visa application form.
  • 2 recently taken passport-size photographs, taken with a light background and conforming fully to the French visa photo requirements specifications.
  • An original passport with at least two blank pages, valid for at least three months beyond your intended return date, is required. 
  • A round-trip reservation or itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry into and exit from France.
  • Travel medical insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000 within France and the entire Schengen Area to cover for expenses for personal accident, urgent medical treatment or any other medical emergencies.
  • A cover letter, including your itinerary, stating the purpose of your visit to France.
  • Proof of accommodation for the entire duration of your stay in France.
  • Proof of financial sufficiency for your travel expenses.
  • Proof of paid visa fee. €60 for adults and €35 for children from 6 to 12 years old.

Types of France Visa

Types of Visa Processing Time Duration of Stay
Tourist Visa 15 working days 90 days
Business Visa 15 working days 90 days
Student Visa 15 working days Depends on course of study

Visas of France Fees

Visa Type Sub Type Visa Fees
Tourist Visa 60.00 (EUR)
Business Visa 60.00 (EUR)
Student Visa 99.00 (EUR)

FAQs about Visas of France

As a foreign student, can I work in France ?

Yes, the French law authorises foreign students to work 964 hours, (which corresponds to 60% of normal working hours) in France. You should note that part-time work will not be sufficient to cover all your expenses and should be considered as a secondary source of income.

Can I appeal my the rejection of my visa request ?

If you have been refused a French visa, you can appeal against the decision. A written appeal must be submitted within 2 months of the date of notification of the refusal at the mission which refused you the visa. During the procedure for resolving the appeal, a new visa application cannot be processed.

Am I entitled to medical care as a foreign student in France ?

At the time of enrolment, non-European students that are below 28 years are affiliated to the student social security system by the French educational institution they will be studying. The annual contribution is fixed by public decree in July of every year.

Can I extend my long-stay visa ?

For any stay in France exceeding 90 days, you are expected to apply for a long-stay visa which will allow you to stay in France for up to a year. In order to stay beyond the validity of your visa, you must apply for a residence permit in the district of your residence.

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Tourist Visa from Equatorial Guinea to France
Tourist Visa from Equatorial Guinea to France
Tourist Visa from Equatorial Guinea to France

Visas of France, Visa, Tourist visa



Foreign nationals who intend to travel to France for vacation, sightseeing or other leisure activities are eligible to apply for a France short-stay tourist visa. The tourist visa also permits you to visit friends and relatives residing in France and also attend social events, cultural events and festivals in the country. If you are visiting friends or relatives in France, you must get a letter of invitation from them. This letter must state their home address and telephone number. Minors are required to provide the original copy of their birth certificate. If they are travelling with one parent, a document of consent allowing the child to travel to France with one parent, signed by the other parent, must be presented. If you are travelling to France for tourism purposes, you should submit a cover letter stating the purpose of your visit, places you intend to visit while in France and how long you plan to stay in the country. You are required to accurately complete a visa application form and sign it before submission. You should make sure there are no errors so as not to delay the processing of your visa application. As proof that you intend to return to your country of origin, you must submit a round-trip flight ticket showing entry and exit dates and necessary flight details. If you are not a national of your country of residence you must show proof, such as a residence permit, that you are a legal resident in that country. For proof of employment status: If you are an employee, you are to provide proof of your employment in the form of a signed and dated employment contract, showing your data and the contact details of your employer as well as a leave of absence letter and the date you are to return to work. If you are self-employed, you should submit proof of business certification such as the Business Licence and the company's certified bank account statements for the last three months. If you are a student, you must provide a letter from your school containing your name and your parents' names, the date you were enrolled, your present class, a leave of absence from the school, school holidays and the contact details and name of the school representative. If you are retired, you should provide documents that prove that you are receiving a pension or other financial support. Each applicant should show that they can afford €120 per day in France if they have no proof of accommodation. If the applicant will be staying at a hotel, they must show that they have €65 to spend per day for the entire duration of their stay. If there is proof of private accommodation, then the applicant can show proof that they have €32.50 to spend per day. The tourist visa does not permit its holder to work in France or to receive payment for services rendered. Proof of payment of the visa processing fee should be provided.

Business Visa from Equatorial Guinea to France
Business Visa from Equatorial Guinea to France
Business Visa from Equatorial Guinea to France

Visas of France, Visa, Business visa



The French business visa is issued to foreign nationals who intend to travel to France for business purposes. This business visa is a short-stay visa that allows its holder to stay for up to 90 days. The business visa permits you to attend business meetings, trade fairs and to take part in conferences in France. It does not, however, permit them to take up employment while in the country. You need 2 passport-size photographs for your visa processing. The passport photos should be taken within the last 6 months with a white background. Your passport must contain at least two blank pages and have a minimum validity of three months beyond your planned departure date. You are required to present a letter of invitation from the inviting company in France. This letter must state the purpose of your visit and who will take care of your expenses (your company or the partner company) for the whole duration of your stay. You are required to submit a letter of introduction from your company explaining its commercial activities, your position in the company,  the purpose of your travel and who is financing it. If there have been previous trade relations between your company and the inviting company in France, you are required to provide documents to prove this. Your visa application should be submitted in person after printing the completed form as your biometric data will be collected at the point of submission. A copy of your return flight ticket to your country of origin should also be submitted as proof that you intend to leave France once your visa expires. You are required to prove your socio-professional status by providing documents such as your employment contract, certificate of employment or extract from the trade and companies’ register. Any document that shows your links to your country of residence (such as a copy of your marriage certificate or family record book) must be provided. You must also show proof of payment of the visa fee.

Student Visa from Equatorial Guinea to France
Student Visa from Equatorial Guinea to France
Student Visa from Equatorial Guinea to France

Visas of France, Visa, Student visa



Equatorial Guinea students who want to travel to France to study for any period exceeding 90 days must apply for the long-stay student visa. You must have received an offer of admission into a French university before you can be eligible to apply for the student visa. A visa application form must be accurately completed, dated and signed before submission. 2 recently taken passport-size photographs with a white background must also be submitted. Your original passport must have at least 2 blank visa pages and remain valid for at least 3 months beyond the approved duration of stay in France. You are required to present the original copy of your acceptance letter into a French university. The letter must show the applicants personal data, duration and type of course/research work to be done, financial guarantee and that the applicant has sufficient knowledge of the language the programme will be taken in. You must provide proof of a minimum monthly income of €615 for the entire duration of your stay in France. This could be in the form of a certificate of scholarship or bank statement showing a deposit in a French bank account, or an undertaking to accept financial liability from a guarantor who must provide proof of adequate, reliable and regular income, as well as a copy of their ID document. You are required to show proof of accommodation for the first three months of your stay in France. This could be a hotel reservation or statement/undertaking from the host (establishment/institution or private individual) or explanatory letter from the student. Your biometric data will be collected at the point of submission of your application form. Thus, you are advised to submit your visa application in person. Proof of payment of the student visa fee (€99) must be provided. You should note that you must be above 18 to apply for a French student visa.