Student Visa from Equatorial Guinea to Netherlands

Student Visa from Equatorial Guinea to Netherlands Description

  • The Netherlands students visa is issued to Equatorians travelling for study purposes.

  • The Students visa is also referred to as a Schengen Type-D visa and the purpose of the visit (study) is always appended on it.

  • Before applying for this visa, one should be sure he or she has been offered admission into an educational institution in the Netherlands.

  • Applicants letter of admission from the institution should be sent to the embassy.

  • Applicants must also apply for a residential permit which would cover their duration of studies.

  • The applicant will be issued a  Provisional residence permit(MVV).

  •  It is an entry visa that allows you to enter the Netherlands at any point within six months. This is to show that you are not a tourist in the country. Students are advised to apply for the MVV at least 3 months before their intended arrival date in the Netherlands.

  •  if you have been accepted into a Dutch institution and offered an MVV, your host institution is obliged to apply for a residence permit on your behalf. This will be done within 5 days of your arrival. 

  • Applicants are to submit transcripts and certificates from previously attended institutions that qualifies them for the course of study in which they have been given admission

  • You should note that your student visa can be withdrawn if you do not maintain sufficient progress in regards to your academic performance (at least 50 per cent of the required credits each academic year).

  • Proof of financial sufficiency should be submitted. A minimum of 850 euros per month is required by the applicant.

  • Applicants may be asked to take some civic integration test at the embassy

  • Applicants are to submit a proof of medical fitness.

  • Proof that the applicant is free from tuberculosis and yellow fever should be submitted.

  • Applicants are allowed to work part-time as long as it does not affect their studies

  • Applicants can apply for an extension of the visa to cover their duration of study.

Student Visa from Equatorial Guinea to Netherlands Requirements

  • Applicants completed and signed the application form

  • Applicants passport with a 3 months minimum validity.

  • Minimum of two blank pages on the passport for visa stamp.

  • Two 35 x 45 mm passport photographs that meet the visa application requirement.

  • Travel insurance of a minimum value of 30,000 euros.

  • Proof of incentive of returning to the home country.

  • Travel itinerary.

  • Proof of hotel reservation or accommodation.

  • Proof of financial capacity that covers the duration of stay.

  • Parent or guardian letter of consent in case of minors.

Validity: maximum of 4 years
Processing Time: 10-15 working days
Cost: €90.00

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