Tourist Visa from Equatorial Guinea to China

Tourist Visa from Equatorial Guinea to China Description

  • You must send your actual passport, which must have at least 8 months of validity remaining and at least two blank visa pages.
  • The last three pages on the US passport are amendment and endorsement pages. They cannot be used for visa stamp. 
  • You must provide a CLEAR copy of the information page of your passport in addition to your original passport.
  • China Visa Application Form which must be completely filled, signed and dated. One form per applicant. Do not leave any areas blank but instead write.
  • Hand-written application forms ARE NOT accepted by Chinese.
  • One passport-type photo, with a white background, taken by a professional passport photo service,
  • Applicants that are not citizens of Equatorial Guinea must provide a copy of their driver's license or state-issued ID card. 
  • Under-aged applicants who do not have a Driver's License can submit a parent's driver's license instead, along with a copy of the birth certificate.  Images of the front and backside of the ID are required.
  • Photocopy of round-trip airline reservation (full name MUST be shown on reservation) and hotel reservation.
  • Invitation Letter for Tourist Group issued by a Duly Authorized Tourism Unit.
  • Invitation Letter issued by an individual. For letters from individuals, a photocopy of the host’s Chinese ID card (front & back) is required. 
  • For a non-Chinese host, please include a copy of their passport (main info. page) and China resident permit.
  • An invitation letter issued by individuals in China shall include personal information of China tourist visa applicant (name, gender, date of birth, or passport number,).
  • The invitation letter must include information concerning the applicant’s visit such as the purpose of visit, date of arrival and departure, places to visit, the relationship between the applicant and the host, and who will bear the cost of the applicant’s accommodations in China.
  • The letter must state the information of host: name of the unit or individual, phone number, address, and if applicable, seal and signature of the legal representative.
  • The Chinese Embassy and Consulates randomly check the authenticity of applicants’ invitation letters by contacting the inviting party in China. When that happens, your China travel visa will be delayed, or denied if the letter is not authentic.
  • Applicants should also print all supporting documents on single-sided pages.  The Consulate of China will not accept double-sided documents.

Tourist Visa from Equatorial Guinea to China Requirements

  • Original passport with at least six months of remaining validity and has at least 2 blank visa pages left.
  • One photocopy of the valid passport’s data page, which contains the passport's data page and the photo page. (make a separate copy if they are not on one page.)
  • Visa Application Form
  • Two recently-taken front passport-size bareheaded colour photos (need to be attached to the printed visa application form).
  • The photographs should be taken in the last 6 months, with a size of 33mm×48mm, against a white or light solid background, frontal view presenting full face.
  • If you will not apply for a Chinese Visa in the state/region of your citizenship (nationality), you must provide the original and photocopy of the valid certificate or visa, which shows your legal stay, residence, work and study in the residing country.
  • If you once obtained a Chinese Visa, and now apply for a new Chinese visa with a new passport, you should provide the photocopy of the previous passport’s data page, and copy of the old Chinese Visa. (Official certificate of name change is needed if the name on the current passport is not the same on the old passport.) 
  • Applicants are required to provide a copy of the return trip plane ticket for China.
  • A copy of a Chinese hotel booking for the whole duration of your stay containing the full names of the applicant.
  • Copy of travel itinerary showing entry and exit from Equatorial Guinea.
  • Bank statements showing proof of financial support.
  • Documentation confirming the purpose of travel.
  • Copy of return flight tickets showing that applicants have intentions of returning to Equatorial Guinea.

Validity: 30 days
Processing Time: 6 business days
Cost: Not available

Boulevard Triomphal Omar Bongo B.P. 3914 Malabo Equatorial Guinea


(+240) 09-3505

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