Tourist Visa from Equatorial Guinea to Portugal

Tourist Visa from Equatorial Guinea to Portugal Description

  • Tourist Visa is issued to foreigners for tourism purposes such as relaxation, recreation or sightseeing in Portugal.
  • The applicant must provide a copy of the round trip airline confirming the dates of entry and exit from Portugal. 
  • The applicant's name must be on the ticket (do not send the original ticket).
  • Proof of Accommodation issued by the inviting party or hotel reservation.
  • Copy of most recent bank statements or a letter from the bank verifying that the applicant has sufficient funds during the stay.
  • Letter of invitation from tour organization or relative to be visited in Portugal stating the exact duration of stay and purpose of the visit is required.
  • The applicant under age 18 must submit a signed letter of consent signed by both parents, a copy of the minor's birth certificate and a copy of the passports or photo IDs of both parents.
  • Your passport with at least 6 months remaining validity and available blank pages, and a photocopy of passport's data page.
  • One accurately completed the Portugal tourist visa application form. 
  • A recent passport-size colour photo with white background attached to the application form.
  • Documents showing the itinerary including proof of round trip tickets booking and proof of hotel reservation.
  • An invitation letter from the host in Portugal is required.
  • The letter must include information of the applicant, including full name, gender, and date of birth, information on the planned visit, including arrival and departure dates, place(s) of visit.
  • The letter must also include information on the host, including name, contact number, address, official stamp, and signature of the legal representative of the host.
  • For those not applying in their country of citizenship, proof of legal stay or residence status is required.

Tourist Visa from Equatorial Guinea to Portugal Requirements

  • An original passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the required stay in Portugal.
  • The passport must have at least 3 empty pages for visa stamp
  • A signed application form that is correctly filled is required.
  • No column of the visa form should be left blank or incomplete.
  • The application form should be filled with a black or blue pen.
  • Applications filled out with pencils will not be accepted.
  • Two recently taken passport photograph in colour with white background is required.
  • The passport photographs should be taken within the last three months.
  • Black and white photos and photos printed on paper will not be accepted.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of stay by submitting a copy of the original bank statement of the last 6 months.
  • Confirmed return/onward ticket back to Equatorial Guinea is required.
  • All documents should be submitted at the embassy of Portugal.
  • Applicants should provide vaccination against yellow fever certificates.
  • Travel itinerary showing details of the applicant's activities in Portugal.
Validity: 90 days
Processing Time: 15 business days
Cost: €60.00

8 Otranto Avenue PO Box 3448 Malabo Equatorial Guinea



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